13th Annual Woodland Art Show & Market

Larry P. Madden

larry p. madden | yl voice | may 2019

The Oneida Nation, in a continuing effort to educate and share Native American arts and culture, brings the 13th annual Woodland Indian Art Show and Market (WIAS&M), centered on the theme Native Women. This show combines culture, art and commerce in a forum for the masses from May 24-26, 2019 at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center in Green Bay. WIAS&M is an arts competition and market that showcases the unique artistic talents of NThe Woodland Indian Art Show is May 24-26 at the Radisson Hotel.ative American Nations from the Midwest and eastern regions of the United States.

This year promises to be even more exciting because of a partnership with the Oneida Nation Arts Program's 20 Year Grant, which has been bringing master Iroquois artists in silver, pottery and basketry to teach classes throughout the year. As part of the grant, some of the master artists will return for the show and some of their local apprentices will be making their debut at WIAS&M.

Silversmith, pottery and basketry work are a historic part of Native history but by no means the only avenue on display. WIAS&M includes many mediums: textiles, leather goods, paint, pencil, beadwork and sewing. The gamut of goods and skills on display at the WIAS&M is inspiring. According to Loretta Webster, each artist awaits a chance to meet and greet attendees, who in turn extend an opinion on his or her visit by casting a ballot for their favorite piece. Works are for purchase, so bring your fine art eye and make a purchase that will become a decorative addition to your collection, as well as a unique family heirloom.

It is vital that native tribes hold onto their unique cultural identity by celebrating the many diverse native art forms and styles. Too often, native culture and arts are viewed as one culture, similar in every tribe. Bringing Woodland Indian Artists together showcases the distinct artistic styles of northern United States and Canada. WIAS&M perpetuates an integral component in the Tribal economic community, with the sales of their artwork in a recognizedand trusted destination for Woodland Indian arts and culture.

WIAS&M is supported and funded in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board, with funds from the State of Wisconsin, The Indigenous People's Fund of Tide's Foundation and Native American Tourism of Wisconsin. The Oneida Nation, Oneida Nation Arts Program and First Nations Development Instituteare also generous supporters for WIAS&M annually.

President John L. Breuninger and Loretta Webster from WIAS&M note that with guidance from community members and professionals, the event is handled by competent and veteran staff, giving the event professional feel and appeal. The diversity of art on display, combined with the open, friendly atmosphere between artists and customers is a defining characteristic of the show. WIAS&M allows participants to be part of something special, with arts that transcends time, in traditional, modern mediums, and contemporary styles. This show has something for all tastes.

For more information on WIAS&Mvisit woodlandindianart.com.

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