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Todd Magnuson

todd magnuson | spin sessions | april 2019

Editor's Note: With April comes Record Store Day and with that, we've turned once again to Rock N' Roll Land's Todd Magnuson for help. This time, Magnuson shares four recent releases you're going to want to get your hands on.

The Claypool Lennon Delirium

South of Reality

So this is their third record. They did one full-length and they did a record of cover songs for Record Store Day in 2017 and now this is their second full studio album. It's Sean Lennon and Les Claypool. Sean Lennon, of course, is John Lennon's youngest son and Les Claypool is from Primus. It's the craziest combination and the music is psychedelic rock if you had to pick a genre. It's so awesome; it's so mellow and so trippy. They've put this one on crazy colored vinyl, the little label on the record does crazy stuff when it spins. Being that we're a small record store, this was the indie-exclusive version, which is a pink and purple split color with blue splatter. It's a double LP. If you're a fan of Primus it's got that Primus vibe but it's not as bassy as Primus but you can still tell it's got that Claypool sound. And Lennon's voice, man, I'll tell you; he sounds like his dad – no denying it. It's real melodic and kind of mystical. It's an amazing collaboration from two guys you never would have thought of as hooking up and making great music.


Heart to Mouth

This one's on lovely orange vinyl. She kind of came out of nowhere. She's been a singer-songwriter for a while and has written a ton of songs for other people and somewhere along the line somebody said, “Why don't you just do your own thing?" So she made an EP and a music video for one of those songs must have gone viral. She had two EPs out and they made a double record from those, I'd say this is technically her second full album. This picks up right from where she left off. She's an amazing songwriter with a unique voice. She's got a unique style. Again, another album people can't get enough of. “Lost on You" was her big song. Great record.

The Cactus Blossoms

Easy Way

This one is another indie exclusive; this one's on clear vinyl. These guys are from Minneapolis and this is their second record. I don't think these guys have slowed down since releasing their first album, which was very Everly Brothers – lots of harmonies. This is an amazing album with a great retro vibe. I think these guys are at South by Southwest this weekend. This follow-up is amazing; it's right where they left off. Both guys sing and they work really well off of each other. They've got that Everly Brothers-type presence with their harmonies. I've been playing this one a lot.



This one kind of came out of nowhere. They're on Bloodshot Records and I usually take a shot if that's the case. If it's an artist on Bloodshot, I'll take a chance. Bloodshot Records still sends me promo CDs and they sent me a copy of this like a month ago. I popped it in and it was really good but I kind of forgot about it. And then when I saw it come up to order, I remembered and ordered several albums. It's so hard to describe but if you're familiar with Bloodshot Records, they do a lot of alt-country, indie, roots, singer-songwriter stuff. These guys have a little edgier, Dropkick Murphy edge to them. The singer's got a bit of a gravelly voice, kind of Lucero-ish; it's just an amazing record. My first batch sold out and I've been getting them back in stock. Another reason I mention them is they'll actually be in Green Bay for the Ignite Market on July 15, so come grab the record and get familiar with them.

-- banner image by Gavin St. Ours licensed under CC BY 2.0.

When he's not behind the counter slinging records at Rock N' Roll Land you can catch Magnuson spinning records at the Lyric Room during Open Mic and Vinyl Nights every Thursday at the Lyric Room.

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